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Rohingya National League

We’ve united with a shared purpose: to reclaim the rights of the Rohingya community, fostering development through education for children, youths, and adults. Our aim is to extend support by offering humanitarian aid such as non-food and food items, empowering and uplifting our community together.

Who We Are

A collective of Rohingya youths on a global scale is dedicated to the enlightenment, empowerment, and preservation of the Rohingya community. Below are highlights of our benevolent and educational initiatives implemented in the Rohingya refugee camps situated in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh:

  1. Facilitating Shelter-Based Education through Community Sponsorship
  2. Delivering Online & Offline Education to Empower Young Minds
  3. Extending Humanitarian Aid, including Non-Food and Food Items, etc.
  4. Championing the Advocacy for the Restoration of Rohingya Rights
  5. Conducting In-Depth Research to Uncover the Root Causes of the Rohingya Crises

These endeavors reflect our unwavering commitment to uplifting and safeguarding the Rohingya community, fostering positive change through education, humanitarian support, and advocating for the restoration of their rightful place in society.


        Maung Nu

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Rohingya National League and a Political Science Graduate from California State  University, Los Angeles, United States. 

Contact:  maungnu@rohingyanationalleague.org

Human Rights & Politics

The Rohingya National League has been fervently engaged in the advocacy for human rights, striving to reclaim the fundamental rights of the Rohingya community. Our dedicated efforts extend beyond mere advocacy, encompassing a resolute commitment to securing the political rights of the community, envisioning a brighter and more promising future for this marginalized group.

Humanitarian & Development Activities

The unwavering commitment of the Rohingya National League to community well-being is exemplified by the organization’s consistent efforts in providing crucial assistance to fire victims and other vulnerable refugees. Over time, the league has demonstrated its dedication by distributing a variety of urgently needed items to those in need, showcasing a profound commitment to supporting and uplifting the community.

Research & Advocacy

The Rohingya National League has undertaken a dedicated commitment to foster the advancement of our Rohingya community, with a particular focus on the holistic development of children, youths, and women, emphasizing women’s empowerment. The organization is currently in the process of strategically planning and organizing a comprehensive research initiative aimed at gauging and enhancing the developmental and educational prospects for the children and youths within our community.

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