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Rohingya National League is an organization established by global Rohingya youths to work for the rights and freedom of Rohingya community. It also works to empower the Rohingya youths (man & women) and provide humanitarian aids to the most vulnerable Rohingya people.It deeply focus on the research and advocacy for the prevention of future possible Rohingya genocide. In its agenda, working for Rohingya education is also included.

Our primary concern (Branch Office-02 Bangladesh)

Our primary concerns are to highlight the difficulties and troubles of Rohingya refugees living in both Bangladesh and Myanmar. We have considered that their problems ours too. So we have been engaging to know the exact problems and difficulties of the Rohingya living in refugee camps of both countries.  

Human rights of Rohingya

Rohingya National League  is actively working for the human rights of Rohingya community both in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

bangladesh rohingya refugee camps

The Rohingya National League’s activities is mainly operated in the Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh as these camps hold a large number of Rohingya refugees. 

Medical Aid

ROHINGYA NATIONAL LEAGUE is preparing to provide more medical aids to the Rohingya community victimized by the fire and other incidents..

Hunger Aid

We have be on processing for the food items aid to be provided to the Rohingya community living as refugees or displaced persons across the world.


RNL has been making efforts for the education of the Rohingya community especially the children. The organization has been preparing a course to be taught in the camps which will be very helpful for the Rohingya children’s future.

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