Vacancies for different positions will be published sooner. Rohingya National League also offers some vacancies for the graduates who wish to teach to the Rohingya refugees across the world.


Teaching Opportunity for Graduates

Rohingya National League is going to offer some courses for the deprived students of Rohingya community and other oppressed communities of hte world. The RNL has been designing some most important courses for the community of oppression and war or violence.

Paid-volunteer teachers

Call for volunteer teachers will be published soon.

Unpaid volunteer teachers

Rohingya National League will soon upload the application form for the unpaid volunteer teachers who wish to contribute to the humanity with the knowledge they have.

Medical Aid

ROHINGYA NATIONAL LEAGUE is preparing to provide more medical aids to the Rohingya community victimized by the fire and other incidents...

Hunger Aid

We have be on processing for the food items aid to be provided to the Rohingya community living as refugees or displaced persons across the world..


RNL has been making efforts for the education of the Rohingya community especially the children. The organization has been preparing a course to be taught in the camps which will be very helpful for the Rohingya children’s future

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